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I am a postdoc at the Institute of Mathematics of the Technical University in Berlin. I am a member of the discrete geometry group of Michael Joswig.

Office: Strasse des 17. Juni 136, Room 626
e-mail: kastner[at]domain
where domain = math[dot]tu[minus]berlin[dot]de

On this website you can find my

Research interests

My main research interest lies at the intersection of Combinatorics with Algebraic Geometry and Commutative algebra. I wrote my thesis in the area of toric geometry and commutative algebra. Furthermore I like tropical geometry and T-varieties, i.e. varieties with an action by a lower dimensional torus.

A major part of my work involves developing and implementing algorithms for the problems I encounter. I mainly use the systems Macaulay2, polymake, Singular and TOPCOM.

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My github username is lkastner. I have contributed to the following software projects: